Verify An Order Quickly and Accurately When Packing


The Verify program is often used between the picking and packing of an order to verify order accuracy.

If an order has been picked by a temporary or new employee, this program allows you to quickly verify that the correct items were picked and the order is 100% accurate.

Verify Will:

  • Perform a double check to make absolutely sure orders are correct
  • Significantly reduce picking errors by new or temporary employees
  • Require minimal training for new or temporary employees
  • Record start and end times. This allows you to accurately measure the productivity of each employee

How Verify Works:

  • Scan the order reference number, after the order has been picked
  • Scan picked items in any order as they are packed in the shipping box
  • The Verify program gives you a visible and audible confirmation when the order is complete
  • Verify notifies you if the order is incomplete or incorrect, then directs you where to find the missing items

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