Inventory Accuracy Positively Impacts Your Bottom Line

Inventory Counting

Inventory accuracy contributes to your bottom line, as well.'s Inventory Count program helps you conduct a more accurate annual inventory count, reconcile your inventory, and get back to fulfilling customer orders, while minimizing the typical stoppage in productivity.

Cycle Counting

With the goal of even greater accuracy, many businesses are moving to a continuous inventory cycle counting program.

The Cycle Count program lets you decide how and when to conduct ongoing warehouse inventory cycle counting, based on your business needs.

You may want to count items one section of the warehouse at a time or conduct more frequent counts of your fastest-moving or most valuable items, all without a shutdown and loss of productivity.

Once you establish a good Cycle Count system, you can even eliminate the traditional annual inventory count.

With the assurance of an accurate inventory, you'll place new stock orders with greater confidence, have less capital tied up in unneeded inventory, spend less on storing excess inventory, identify and reduce inventory loss or shrinkage, and carry less "safety stock".

You'll have a more confident sales staff, and less confusion for your warehouse workers. Orders can be taken, filled, and shipped without delays. That will also lead to greater customer satisfaction.

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