Conduct An Ongoing Inventory Count


The CycleCount program is very popular and has saved our customers countless hours of time. It also allows your warehouse manager, or the person assigned to conduct the CycleCount, to change "Quantity On Hand" (QOH) or BIN location, right from the scanner.

Over time, your physical inventory tends to fall out of sync with the inventory figures recorded in your computer database.

Most businesses that carry inventory will conduct a traditional annual physical count of their inventory. Normally, conducting an annual physical inventory requires you to shut down your operations for an extended period.

When you stop your operations to count inventory, no items can be received into inventory and no orders can go out. Customer needs are impacted and customer satisfaction suffers.

In addition, employees are often required to stay after regular hours or work during the weekend. Typically, dissatisfaction results and the accuracy and effectiveness of the inventory count will suffer. Sometimes errors are actually introduced into the count as employees fudge numbers to make quantities match, or they rush to finish the count.

Using our CycleCount program, you can conduct an ongoing inventory count throughout the year, without a costly, inconvenient, and time-consuming shutdown.

In fact, your business can continue uninterrupted, without downtime or overtime. You can receive items into inventory and ship customer orders without delays.

CycleCount allows you to customize inventory counting based on your business needs. You can choose to count and reconcile a certain number of items each day, or reconcile a row of your warehouse each week. Also, you might choose to count faster selling or high-value items more often than slow moving items.

CycleCount Will:

  • Allow you to perform an ongoing warehouse inventory count, several items or one aisle at at a time, based on your business needs.
  • Give you a more accurate and timely picture of your existing inventory.
  • Help you avoid order problems and customer dissatisfaction arising from inventory discrepancies.
  • Help you avoid costly shutdowns, or paying overtime to conduct inventory counts after normal business hours.
  • Help you avoid item shortages or overstock based on inaccurate inventory figures.

How CycleCount Works

  • Scan the item in the bin with your wireless barcode scanner.
  • CycleCount displays the Quantity On Hand (QOH).
  • If the existing quantity in the bin and the displayed QOH agree, the employee proceeds to the next item.
  • If the quantities don't agree, an authorized employee or manager can use CycleCount to change the QOH.
  • Any of the up to three locations associated with the SKU can also be changed.

Watch How Easy Cycle Counting Becomes In Our Demo Video:

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