About Barcoders.com

What Are We?

Barcoders.com (legally known as Advanced Barcode Systems LLC) is a family-owned and operated business started in 1996. The company was founded by Gordon Jennings.

After working as a systems analyst and design consultant for Symbol Technologies, Inc. Gordon started the company based on three important tenets.

First - customer service

We value our customers and provide valuable services with economical, cutting-edge solutions to their warehouse management needs. Our hardware is functional, rugged, affordable, and easy to use. Our RFWarehouse software enhances our customers' order management system to provide a seemless integration, allowing them to work more efficiently to meet their customer's needs. Their success is our success.

Second - capturing raw data accurately

Accurately capturing raw data leads to the assembly of accurate business intelligence, giving business executives a significant competitive advantage in their market. By contrast, incomplete or inaccurate raw data results in erroneous information, often resulting in faulty business decisions that can damage the business and its reputation.

Third - capturing raw data efficiently

Since barcode scanning is thousands of times more accurate and many times more efficient than human typing, Barcoders.com provides barcode scanning hardware and software to our customers that helps them more efficently run their businesses.

Barcoders.com has implemented RFWarehouse systems at nearly 100 e-commerce sites including Scrapbook.com, Wholesale Marine.com, On Time Mall and many others.

Who Are We?

Gordon Jennings

Gordon has an M.B.A. and has over 40 years of experience in IT management and industrial software design in several industries. He spent 1995 and 1996 as a systems analyst and design consultant with Symbol Technologies, Inc. (acquired by Motorola Enterprise and recently sold to Zebra Enterprise) and subsequently founded Advanced Barcode Systems to bring the advantages of barcode automation and wireless technology to markets and industries that were not fully taking advantage of modern technology.

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