Pick Customer Orders Quickly and Accurately


The Pick program allows you to pick an order using a wireless barcode scanner.

When you scan in an order, the Pick program directs you on the most efficient picking path through your warehouse, tells you what and how many items to pick, then confirms you've picked the correct items and quantity. Picking errors practically disappear!

Pick Will:

  • Increase employee productivity. Our customers are reporting at least a 25% increase!
  • Significantly reduce picking errors. Our customers have reported error rates have dropped to less than 2%.
  • Allow new or temporary employees to be productive with only minimal training.
  • Record start and end times, quantity picked and who picked it. This allows you to accurately measure the productivity of each employee.
  • We also have a 'customer service' interface that allows you to quickly see who picked, verified and signed an order. (see RFVerify and RFSign).

How RFPick Works:

  • Scan the PO Reference Number on the Packing Slip.
  • The Pick program displays all the items.
  • The Pick program directs you where to go, what to pick, and how many to pick.
  • The Pick program verifies that the correct item was picked.

Some of the current features:

  • Supports the Stone Edge "UseSerialNumbers" functionality.
  • Reads UPC, EAN_8, EAN_13, Codes 3of9 and Code 128 barcodes.
  • Supports Stone Edge drop ship and kits logic.
  • Supports bulk purchases, out of stock items, and items with bad barcodes.
  • Supports up to two alternative warehouse locations per SKU.
  • More!

Watch A Demo Video Of The RF Pick Program:

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