Inventory Check In


The Stone Edge version of the Receive program allows you to receive items directly into your order management system.

When a shipment arrives, you either scan or key the Purchase Order number into the scanner. The Receive program prompts you to scan the UPC/EAN of an item and then enter the quantity received.

When you are finished, the items are set aside in preparation for put-away.

The purchasing manager reviews what was scanned using a web-based browser interface. The quantity received is displayed and they can edit the number they want to accept or reject due to damage, over-shipment, etc.

When the purchasing mangers clicks the 'Accept Items' button, the received items are committed to inventory.

This is a great improvement over most receiving processes in use today.

Receive Will:

  • Automate the purchase order receiving process
  • Allow you to stock received items sooner
  • Increase customer satisfaction by helping you fill new orders sooner

How RFReceive Works:

  • Scan or key in the PO number
  • Scan the barcode of the SKU on the PO
  • Enter the quantity received
  • It's that simple!

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