Count Your Physical Inventory Annually


RFInventoryCount is used for traditional warehouse inventory counting.

Barcoders.com's Inventory Count allows you to quickly and efficiently perform a traditional full-warehouse physical inventory, using barcode scanners.

Normally, conducting a standard yearly physical inventory requires a stoppage in operations and a loss of productivity.

The process typically has several disadvantages:

  • You must stop importing incoming orders
  • You must finish processing outstanding orders
  • No customer orders can be filled until all your items have been counted and the inventory reconciled
The advantage of the Barcoders.com Inventory Count program is that it makes it possible for you to quickly and accurately conduct a traditional inventory count, reconcile your inventory, and get back to fulfilling customer orders.

Inventory Count lets each employee with a wireless barcode scanner simultaneously work quickly and accurately to complete the inventory count.

The speed in which you complete your inventory count directly impacts customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Inventory Count Will:

  • Allow you to conduct a traditional warehouse inventory count
  • Allow each employee with a scanner to conduct the count simultaneously

How Inventory Count works:

  • Scan the bin location
  • Scan each item in the bin
  • When the items in every bin have been scanned, the Inventory Count displays any discrepancy between Quantity On Hand and actual inventory

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